RED Valentino: active charm

A little sister to Valentino's capital line, Red is congenital about a aesthetics of active experimentation, borrowing influences from a advanced ambit of people, places, eras. And bounce 2011's alms holds accurate to that mantra.

There are checkerboard pieces that Betty Draper adeptness abrasion on the weekends. Adornment and flare-leg denim that are not so abundant beeline out of the 70s as a modern, artful booty on them. Applique skirts and dresses that sit about amid appealing and peasant, but either way accept that girlish-innocence appeal. These are affection apparel pieces for the young, or the young-at-heart, consistently with a adventurous bend and consistently with a faculty of playfulness.

Par Denita le lundi 20 juin 2011


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